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About Us

Forest Cove Acres is a small family farm with 45 acres of sweet cherries. There is also an additional 20 acres of adventuring in timber and some space for hobby farming: kunekune pigs, vegetable gardening, and cut flowers. We specialize in commercial cherry crops; however, we also offer U-Pick cherries and peaches. Our hope is to open the orchard and allow our community to be part of our family operation. 

At Forest Cove Acres we feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we love. We warmly invite you to take part in the Forest Cove Acres experience. For more information, get in touch! You can also follow our social media pages for daily antics and updates on events happening at the orchard.

About Us: Our Farm

Owner/ Orchardist

Shane Lair

Shane Lair is co-owner of Forest Cove Acres and the primary orchardist. Shane spent over 20 years as a helicopter mechanic, primarily working on powerline projects throughout the US. The shift to tree fruit farming is a welcome change and challenge allowing him to work alongside his family. Shane enjoys Eastern Oregon for the opportunities to spend time outdoors: camping, fishing, and hunting. Also watch for his incredible workmanship on the blog. He might focus on growing cherries, but he can also craft beautiful tables!

About Us: Meet the Team

60076 McNeill Rd
Cove, OR 97824


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